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Below is a selection of projects we have worked on over the past 10 years.

Client: Coming Soon!

You think water moves fast, you should see ice!...

Coming Soon! Screen Grab

Client: Winmau

Winmau Live! is designed to give you a real-time darts experience wherever there is a dart board and wifi/3G connection.

This App is designed to be used with an actual dartboard and set of darts, as you enter real darts matches by inviting your friends or finding a random opponent to play against using Game Center.

Once in the darts match you can play up to 5 sets of 3 legs each. You can also pause the game (to grab a beer!) by sending your opponent a message though the app. The sliding bar system offers a level from relative beginner to TV dart Pro standard which you control. Once you enter your score by touching the on-screen dartboard your 'throw' will be emulated on your opponents screen!

Designed with stunning graphics this App is a must for any keen dart player around the world.

Itunes Link: Winmau Live App

Winmau Screen Grab

Client: Concept iPhone Stand

The iClutch is a fully working prototype designed and developed by Crunchmedia. It is a configurable stand/cradle for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The iClutch can be easily assembled to hold the device in either a horizontal or vertical position. It can also be assembled to be wall-mounted with a simple fixing screw or hung from a lip or edge in both horizontal or vertical positions (see pictures below). Suction and vent-clamp components can be attached to the hub to enable it to be fixed to an in-car air vent or window.

For more info: iCLutch site

Concept iPhone Stand Screen Grab

Client: Iphone App

Have you ever debated over whose round it was in the bar?

This app will solve that problem in a matter of seconds!

How to play...

Simply, select the numer of players and hold down your chosen bottle-top for exactly the length of time shown.

The loser is the player who is furthest away from the time - and who also has to buy the next round of drinks!

Problem solved.

Itunes link: Whose Round Is It?

Iphone App Screen Grab

Client: Not Going To Uni

In Late 2010 Crunchmedia were asked to design a number of wireframes and visual concepts for notgoingtouni.co.uk.

Using an online collaborative wire-framing tool (iplotz) we were able to work directly and easily with the client, sharing ideas and user-journeys remotely.

From this, a number of visual mock-ups were produced which were then carried forward to the live site design which can be seen here:


Not Going To Uni Screen Grab

Client: Winmau

The Winmau iPhone Darts Scorer designed and developed exclusively by Crunchmedia accompanies your game of darts wherever you are with no need for chalk and duster.

For more information visit www.pubdartscorer.com

With it's authentic and attractive interface the application allows 2 players to play all versions of 101, 301, 501 or anything up to 999.

You also get quick check out options to help improve your scoring averages along with an unlimited roll-back/forward function (very helpful when beer is involved!)

At the end of your game or leg simply touch the 'avg' button and see how your averages stack up.

As darts is a rapid fire game this application is designed with simplicity in mind and ease of use for when you’re changing places on the oche.

With Winmau’s pedigree as the Worlds finest Dartboard makers this application is a must for any darter no matter how often you play.

With the Winmau iPhone darts scorer you can:

  • Start your game from any number (up to 999)
  • Check your average throw-score at any time during your game/practice
  • Keep track of your score with the unlimited roll-back/forward functions
  • Take advantage of the quick check-out function for popular finishes
  • Keep track of your legs
  • Score in either vertical or horizontal view (automatic screen rotation)

Winmau Screen Grab

Client: lastminute.com

During mid-2008 Crunchmedia helped design, prototype and user-test the booking path for latminute.com's 'Global Trips' project.

Working closely with designers, usability experts and project managers, Crunchmedia was reponsible for the look and feel and usability of the global trip booking path, enabling users to book online travel using'dynamic packaging' compared with standard linear methods.

lastminute.com Screen Grab

Client: BBC Worldwide

Earth - the movie website

In Mid 2007 Crunch Media helped design and develop numerous internal and external projects for the BBC worldwide.

One of these key sites was the Love Earth Movie Site which was launched in late 2007 to coincide with the global release of the film.

Services Provided: XHTML / CSS / PHOTOSHOP / Video Editing


BBC Worldwide Screen Grab

Client: Saatchi

Know your limits

This government website outlining the dangers of excessive drinking was given a re-design by Crunchmedia in late 2007 to coincide with a national TV campaign.

Services Provided: XHTML / CSS / PHOTOSHOP


Saatchi Screen Grab

Client: Creovation

Monthly eShot

This eShot template was designed and built for Creovations monthly newsletters. Enabling the page to stretch and grow, thus displaying the content evenly in all email client windows and browsers..

Services Provided: PHOTOSHOP /  HTML 3.2 /   CSS 
Creovation Screen Grab

Client: Saatchi

RAF Careers website

In Mid 2007, Crunchmedia helped re-design the front-end of the RAF Careers website. The site went through a number of iterations and high-level design changes as a result of some sophisticated usability tests.

s Provided: PHOTOSHOP


Saatchi Screen Grab

Client: BBC Worldwide

Internal Marketing Website

This internal employee focused site was built to promote work sharing across the whole of the BBC to permanent members of staff.

Services Provided: XHTML / CSS / PHOTOSHOP
BBC Worldwide Screen Grab

Client: BBC Worldwide

Internal Brand Styleguide Micro-Site

Working closely with the creative services department CM developed a web/pdf based internal site that enabled designers across the company to quickly access the BBC Worldwide style guides.

Services Provided: XHTML / CSS / 
BBC Worldwide Screen Grab

Client: BBC Worldwide

HTML eMails

Crunchmedia was responsible for building a number of HTML emails for the Marketing department. 

Services Provided: XHTML 3.2
BBC Worldwide Screen Grab

Client: Teletext Ltd


Teletext Holidays still remains one of the UK's leading online holiday and travel sites.

Crunchmedia was responsible for the front-end design and maintenance of the site during 1998 - 2000

Services Provided: Web Design / XHTML /  CSS  / Classic ASP


Teletext Ltd Screen Grab

Client: Cadabra

Cadabra is a web-based travel application which enables tour operators selling complex travel to launch a complete online offering.

Responsible for the front-end design and development of the Cadabra system, (Client and Admin) Crunchmedia designed the site over a number of months while working alongside the .NET architect.

Services Provided: Web Design / XHTML /  CSS  / FLASH / .NET 2.0 Development


 Cadabra  Screen Grab

Client: Cadabra

Cadabra Corporate website

The Cadabra Corporate website was designed by Crunch Media in July 2005.

The design was focused heavily around the Cadabra brand while the layout was kept as clean and as simple as possible.

Services provided: Website Design / HTML / CSS / Flash


Cadabra Screen Grab

Client: Good Earth Travel

Good Earth Travel Design

The Good Earth travel site was designed to incorporate the Cadabra V.1 system.

The design brief focused specifically on a clean and clear layout with minimal graphics for high legibility using the latest web standards. 

The site is currently in development.

Services provided: Web Design
 Good Earth Travel Screen Grab

Client: Clinphone Group Plc

Clinphone Online initiatives

Clinphone.com was designed and developed by Crunch Media in 2001 to replace ClinPhone's existing static website.

Over the years the site has proven to be a valuable information resource and sales tool.

The site was developed to be administered remotely via the company intranet by offices in the UK, USA, Brussels and Germany.

Services supplied: Design / HTML / CSS / ASP.NET


Clinphone Group Plc Screen Grab

Client: The Times Higher Educational Supplements

Key websites

During 2000 Crunchmedia was contracted into the web team to help re-design their suite of key websites for TES Education (formerly The Times Supplements Limited).

As a part of a refresh campaign seven sites we re-designed (and re-developed) and launched within a period of five months.

Services supplied: Design / HTML / CSS


The Times Higher Educational Supplements Screen Grab
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