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XML-Based Brochure Site (Starter-Package)

With it's easy to use interface and editable product manager, our small CMS system is the ideal one-stop package when launching an online presence for your business at a low cost and at the highest quality.

Aimed specifically at the small to medium sized businesses who want to make their first step into the online world at price they can afford.

Our Starter-Pack Solution consists of:
  • Your own domain name and one years hosting
  • A custom design for your website
  • 5 customised pages each with their own text editor for quick updates.
  • Standard contact page
  • SEO ready with editable keyword and description tags and a XML generated sitemap.
ONLY £299 + VAT

Key Features....

Content Editor
  • Simple and robust content editor meaning your content will always look inline with your custom design, as your font styles are pre-defined at the design stage.
  • Ability to edit in 'html mode' to create more advanced page content and graphics
  • SEO Readiness with editable meta data including Page Title, Keywords and Meta Descriptions.
Standard Product Catalogue (£80 + VAT):
  • A summary page of all products which includes product name, price, code, description, a thumbnail image and large a detail image.
  • Ability to add, edit and delete product information from the backend.
  • The catalogue is developed using XML to enable low cost hosting.

Additional Services/plugins...

You can also include additional features and services at any time such as:
  • Logo / Brand Design - From £150 + vat
  • Extra pages £25 per page + vat
  • Standard product page with product manager (unlimited products) - £80 + vat
  • eCommerce integration (with your own merchant or PayPal account) - £250 + vat
  • Online discussion forum - £100 + vat
  • Image gallery - £50 + vat
  • News / blog manager - £80 + vat

View our Seedlings Demonstration Site


Seedlings Demonstration Site

Seedlings Demonstration Site

With it's easy to use interface and add-on product manager it is the ideal one-stop package for small businesses wanting to launch an online presence. Each page is editable (including meta and description data) and also serves as a building block for larger and more complicated sites.

Seedlings Demonstration Site


Seedlings Demonstration Site

Brochure site and product manager

Primacare's website was designed and developed on top of our pre-built brochure package. The design was based around Primacares exiting promotional material and photography and was delivered within there budget.

An 'Available Now' product manager was built enabling the client to add and update products that are immediately available to the consumer/dealer.


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